Tutorial to make a simple jQuery image slideshow [Download Code]

Today we’ll discuss a simple jQuery slideshow in which images slide sideways to give a cool animation. This is probably the most used technique often seen in websites and web applications. Before we start the tutorial, first make a folder called ‘Tutorial-2’, and a folder inside it called ‘img’. Place 9 images of 1024 x 600px in the ‘img’ folder. … Continue reading

Tutorial to make a unique image slideshow in jQuery [Download Code]

You must have seen a number of good jQuery slideshows, but the one we’re showing today is really unique. The first good thing about this slideshow is that it’s build on a simple idea yet you’ll find it new to your eyes. And the second thing is the code which is so small that you can understand in bits with … Continue reading

Load more posts without page reload using Ajax and jQuery [Like Twitter and Facebook]

In Twitter, you must have seen a ‘More Tweets’ tab at the bottom to load older tweets. The same thing is present in Facebook to load older posts. In most Web 2.0 sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, the entire system is such that the posts/tweets/updates are loaded with no page refresh. This is a great feature that greatly enhances the … Continue reading

Why a brands need mobile version of their website

12 years ago we didn’t had a mobile phone, and use of internet was limited. Time has changed since then, now nearly every second guy has access to internet and every single guy has a mobile phone. Websites, which are once confined to the monitors, have now shifted to smaller screens as well. With the advent of WAP, browsing internet on mobiles and tablets … Continue reading

How to check if a user granted certain permission to an app (using FQL)

Facebook apps can ask user for lot of permissions – permission to read personal information, likes, posts, to post update and many more. Functionality of apps depend on these user data, so its important to check if certain permission(s) is granted to the app by the user or not. Here is the code that checks if ‘publish_stream’ permission is given … Continue reading

Make HTTP POST Request to Graph API using JavaScript SDK

While going through Facebook’s documentation for developing apps, developers often find a line stating – ‘make HTTP POST Request to Graph API’. In fact, most newbies find it difficult to comprehend what is actually means. So today, we’ll see how we post on user wall  by making an HTTP POST Request to Facebook’s Graph API using JavaScript SDK. To do … Continue reading

Post update on user wall using Facebook’s Graph API

Facebook’s Graph API simplifies the exchange of user data with the Facebook servers. An app can inquire about user’s private information including feeds, comments and likes, see his connections with friends, and do lot more stuffs in easy steps. Using Graph API, a Facebook app can also make post on user’s wall after getting permission. Today we build Facebook application that post on user’s … Continue reading

Code to dynamically create image in PHP

PHP is probably the most used programming language simply because of the ease with which it allows you to different things. One such awesome use is creating image dynamically with just a few lines of code. The code Output Code Explained First we call the imagecreate(x, y) function that takes the height and width of image as parameter. Program execution terminates with die() … Continue reading

Use checkbox as radio button: Customize default nature using Javascript and jQuery

Different HTML elements have their own features. ‘Checkbox’ allows you to select multiple inputs while ‘radio button’ is limited to a single entry only. Checkboxes look more attractive than radio buttons and that’s why most developers use it in place of radio buttons. If you’re one of them then read our tutorial as we gonna tell you how you can … Continue reading

How to design a killer cover image for Facebook timeline profile

With the advent of Facebook timeline, race for designing innovative cover images has gone faster with more and more designers coming up with something catchy every day. Today we’ll gonna tell you how you can easily design a pretty cool cover image in just 15 minutes. All you need is a image editing software, Adobe Photoshop and little idea of … Continue reading

How to customize WordPress login page

For posting blog on website, admins and authors login to their installed WordPress CMS. WordPress, by default shows up its own logo above the username and password fields as shown below, You can easily customize it by replacing the default WordPress logo with your own logo. Here is how you can do this, 1. First choose an image that you … Continue reading

Simple dropdown menu tutorial for budding web developers

Drop-down menu is one of the first thing that a budding web developer tries to make. This is a simple thing yet some find it difficult to understand. I felt the same when first started. So today we’ll create a drop-down menu using CSS. We used some images to help you better understand the entire thing. Our finished menu would look like … Continue reading