Trick to show your name in system clock

Of the many computer tricks discussed before, this one is probably the most catchy and simplest one. Today, we’re gonna change the AM/PM text of the system clock at the bottom with a name of our choice. Lets start, 1. Go to ‘Control Panel’ clicking Start<Control Panel. 2. Next click on ‘Region and Language’ option. A new window will appear. … Continue reading

Rebuilt WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review & Holiday Giveaway

Finally! The up-to-the-minute WinX DVD Ripper Platinum came to us in this Thanksgiving holiday. After 5 months’ developing, this No.1 fast DVD ripper has been redesigned with brand-new UI which is more user-friendier and clearer. Besides that, impressive new features have been added too. Here are some of them of the additions in the latest release, Rebuilt core. It will … Continue reading

All you want to know about Windows 8 final build: New features, Performance, and Customizations-Part1

It’s only three years since Windows 7 hit the scene and now we have the all new Windows 8  final build to sparkle in our Windows 7 enabled systems. A lot of things have changed since Windows 7 launch. Back in 2009, there was no such thing as an i Pad. Today Apple and Android devices are all around, not … Continue reading

How to add Hindi, gujarati, kannada or any Indian language in a website

This is a part of very old discussion yet most of us find problems in adding Hindi lines to a website. But after reading this blog, you won’t find it difficult to write any language in a website. The reason for Hindi’s strange behavior We can’t add Hindi just like English because Hindi letters needs more than 1 byte to encode. All English letters and symbols are among the first 128 characters of the Unicode … Continue reading

What is Google Fiber? Will it come to India?

Heard about Google Fiber, the latest service by Google? Its a service which is supposed to provide 100 times faster internet speed than what most American’s are presently using. Subscribers of Google fiber will get as fast as 1Gb per second internet speed. It’ll be rolled to different parts of the world slowly but now its only available for the … Continue reading

How to remove annotations from YouTube videos

Once YouTube was all useful and charming. Its still is, but ads and annotations has made it a bit irritating. Everytime you see a video, you have to watch a 5-10 seconds video in the beginning or an ad popping up from the bottom. Moreover, too many annotations make rest of the video unbearable to watch. Annotation example Just like … Continue reading

Show fake error message on system boot and play prank on friends

So you’ve got a friend who thinks himself as master of computer? If yes, here is a little thing you can do to make him look like fool. You’ve heard of many batch file tricks and other stuff to play prank on friends. But the thing that we’re going to discuss today is more than just a prank. If it … Continue reading

6 Tips to make your Google Chrome fast again

Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the world. Its very responsive and hardly crashes. But even the best browser can sometimes become slow and problematic when load increases. So if your chrome has gone older in terms of performance, here are tips to bring back its golden days again. 1. Delete all browsing history: Visited urls, cache and cookie information are accumulated in … Continue reading

Is it really important to Safely remove pen drive?

We don’t care what the big guys says, and that’s to remove external devices like pen drive only after using ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option in windows. Is it really necessary, or is just a conventional idea of no relevance. Different people have different perspective on this. Most say, they have been plucking pen drives directly for years but nothing happened … Continue reading

How to wake PC from sleep automatically

Sleep function in PC allows a computer to save its state and go in less power consumption mode. On returning from sleep, the opened files and folders continue to execute in the same manner. Normally, we have to press power button to return back a computer from sleep mode. But this can be done automatically. Lets see how, 1. Open ‘Task Scheduler’ in your … Continue reading

How to forward emails from webmail to Gmail without using Google apps

A webmail client is an email client that provides interface for sending and receiving emails. Gmail is one of them, but available only to its registered users (like For emails of brands and businesses like and, there are webmail clients like RoundCube, Squirrelmail and Horde, which come pre-installed with CPanel and works similar to Gmail, but with limited … Continue reading

How to upload chrome extension to chrome store

After you create a Google chrome extension, its time to deploy it to Chrome store for everyone to use. This process is pretty straightforward wherein we need to create a zip file of the extension and upload to Google servers through Chrome Dashboard. After uploading, the extension will instantly show up in the Chrome store, which can be installed to any … Continue reading