Why a brands need mobile version of their website

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12 years ago we didn’t had a mobile phone, and use of internet was limited. Time has changed since then, now nearly every second guy has access to internet and every single guy has a mobile phone. Websites, which are once confined to the monitors, have now shifted to smaller screens as well. With the advent of WAP, browsing internet on mobiles and tablets has gone easier and more portable.

With increase of mobile users, the need of mobile website has become necessity for every brand. Google has its mobile version, Facebook has it too, almost every big and small website is now building mobile version of their website.

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Why this is so? lets check our the reasons why creating a mobile website is one must condition for a brand to be successful,

  1. Mobile version of a site is designed for users keeping their need in mind. They are lightweight and have a neat and user-friendly design. They are more responsive and loads faster than normal websites. They are best for searching stuff, reading blogs and comparing prices.
  2. With the advent of new technology – 3G, 4G, internet browsing has gone faster and mobile use has increased tremendously. Mobile websites can help a business in reaching more customers and increase sales.
  3. By 2013, more people would use mobile phones to get online. By 2015, as much as 72% people would be using mobile for internet as compared to laptop/desktop.
  4. Mobile searches have increased by 4 times since 2010. Use of mobile for internet caught race in late 2004 and it speeded in the last 4-5 years.
  5. By 2015, every single person on the planet would be having at least one mobile phone. So, potentially every single person in 2015 can access a brand’s mobile website.
  6. 95% people search for local information. And 75% people react to the information they get online. So if you’re a web developer in Mumbai then your mobile website could decide how many people would turn up to you for work.
  7. Of the total mobile searches, 81% people search for prices, shop/market locations and services using their mobile.
  8. 76% of the total mobile users refer to mobile sites for reading reviews and comparing prices.
  9. Most Americans have mobile then passport. More Indians have mobile than ration-card. This is one great stat to show how the use of mobile has increased over the time.

The scenario in India

Indians are among the biggest users of mobile in the world but they don’t have the luxury of high speedmobile connectivity. 3G is available, but limited and not satisfactory.

So a lighter mobile website can help a brand in reaching to a potentially big market which is inaccessible with normal, bulky website.

Out of the total mobile users, 40% Indians use mobile phones to browse Internet. They use for searches, price reviews and reading blogs.

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