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9 Best Alternatives of VLC Media Player

There are very few softwares that maintain their superiority over others for such a long time, and VLC media player is one such program. It’s the second most downloaded software on sourceforge and among the top 10 softwares on If you’re, due to some reason unhappy with VLC and want a replacement, here are the best VLC alternatives you … Continue reading

6 hidden features of VLC media player you probably don’t know

VLC media player is a plethora of features. Apart from playing wide range of video and audio files, it offers many amazing things. Using the player, you can record a running video and audio file, take snapshots, add logo and subtitles to a video, and do hell lot of things. We’ve discussed all these in detail in our previous blogs, here … Continue reading

Free download fonts of 35 famous brands

Wondering how big brands design their logo, wanna know about the typeface they use to make their logo. Your wait is now over. Just sit back and look at these 35 fonts of some of the biggest brands in the market which includes Coca Cola, Google, Puma, Heineken, Ferrari, Hulu, Swatch, Time and many more. Heineken Get the font and … Continue reading

Tips to book confirm Tatkal ticket online

Tatkal timing has changed. Now it’ll be booked from 10am rather than the old time of 8am. This change has tremendously cut down the traffic at reservation counters and on irtctc’s website for online reservation, But the situation is still not too good. In the blog, we tell you some easy tips to increase your chances of getting a … Continue reading

4 reasons for slow website loading and ways to deal with it

Today we’ll discuss some reasons that can slow down website loading and find tweaks to deal with it. Here we go, Images Images used in website design, blogs, user comments are responsible for slowing down website’s loading speed. As the size and number of image increases, website gets slower and slower. You can deal with this by using CSS Sprites and combine different … Continue reading

Calculate system booting time, exactly and correctly

Here in this tutorial we’ll be discussing a very simple way to calculate system booting time without use of any software, and in just a few seconds. What we actually do is place a file in the windows startup folder, so when a system boots up the file gets opened and we”ll get our booting time, exactly and correctly. When … Continue reading

How to promote Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page is an important door to pull potential customers for your business. No matter if you’re running a website or holding a company Facebook can definitely pump up your revenue. So if you are looking for ways to promote Facebook Fan Page and want to spread the word, the following points would help you out. Creating a fan page is very easy; … Continue reading

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is awesome and website owners can use it to their advantage. Though there lies some potential dangers but its worth taking risk considering the immense services that cloud computing offers. Let’s check the advantages of cloud computing based servers in detail, Faster service Cloud servers are fast and efficient with minimal latency problems. Efficient CPU consumption and high … Continue reading

How to setup and activate Google adsense account: Beginners guide

If you’re wondering how people make money from websites then you’ll soon get the answer. You just need to setup Google AdSense account to start earning big bucks from your site. Well it’s simple as eating a hamburger as you can activate Google adsense account just by filling a simple form. Once activated, Google will provide a DHTML code to … Continue reading

10 Most Weird and Unusual Items Sold on eBay

One of the biggest online shopping portals in the world, eBay is also host to a number of weird and unusual items. The more amazing part however is the number of buyers and bidders who respond to such offers. It would also not hurt to make some money on an item that you don’t have use for anymore. For people … Continue reading

Increase Adsense Income of Website by placing Google Adsense Code correctly

Making money from website seems adventurous and a bit non-practical initially but when you’ll read the success stories of professional bloggers you’d fancy having a website and making money from it. A website makes money from the ads it displays and services that it offers. If you own a website, now it’s the time to think seriously about placing Google … Continue reading

Facebook, Google and Future of Online Marketing for Business Promotion

If you are wondering why these days, you are not getting as many calls for product orders from your customers?  And, why the supposedly luring advertisements of your brand in the top-selling magazines don’t seem to make the same impact they used to make before, you need to know this thing that the marketing techniques for business are changing. It … Continue reading