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How to forward emails from webmail to Gmail without using Google apps

A webmail client is an email client that provides interface for sending and receiving emails. Gmail is one of them, but available only to its registered users (like For emails of brands and businesses like and, there are webmail clients like RoundCube, Squirrelmail and Horde, which come pre-installed with CPanel and works similar to Gmail, but with limited … Continue reading

How to upload chrome extension to chrome store

After you create a Google chrome extension, its time to deploy it to Chrome store for everyone to use. This process is pretty straightforward wherein we need to create a zip file of the extension and upload to Google servers through Chrome Dashboard. After uploading, the extension will instantly show up in the Chrome store, which can be installed to any … Continue reading

How to encrypt pen drive files and folders using TrueCrypt [Part-2]

One we’ve configured Pen drive as a TrueCrypt volume, its now time to place data inside pen drive to encrypt it. As data is copied in pen drive, it gets encrypted on-the-fly and as its moved out of it, its decrypted. Hide personal file and folders in pen drive using TrueCrypt 1. Run TrueCrypt and click on any virtual drive … Continue reading

How to encrypt pen drive data using TrueCrypt [Part-1]

TrueCrypt is a freeware that encrypts data in computer as well as external storage device like a Pen Drive. TrueCrypt security is unbreakable and data can only be read by person having a 20 character long alphanumeric password. To know more about TrueCrypt, its feature and how it works, you can refer our previous article ‘Encrypt files, folders and drives with TrueCrypt, … Continue reading

Encrypt file and folders using TrueCrypt data encryption software

We encrypt data to hide it from outside world. This practice is prevailing from ages, and is continuing till now. But more than 90 percent of data encryption softwares have loopholes and can easily be broken. So, programs like ‘Folder locks’ are just to provide you a fake feeling of security but in fact, are useless when a bruteforce attack is launched on them. But there … Continue reading

Open mailto: link in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL

When you click on a mailto: link, the compose mail option opens up in Microsoft Outlook. This is great if you’re an Outlook user. What if you want the same mailto: link to open in your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account? Wouldn’t be nice if you can send such emails directly through Gmail, AOL or Yahoo. This is possible with … Continue reading

Save a webpage as PDF for offline reading

You can always bookmark your favorite link(s) to read later. Alternatively, you can also save a webpage to your computer and read it offline. This is a better idea as your can save a long blog/article and read it while travelling, on bed when internet is off radar. You have many choices for doing offline reading but nothing could be as easy … Continue reading

Make XAMPP portable web server in your pen drive

Why do you need a pen drive? For carrying files from one place to another. How about creating a portable web server right into your pen drive. Yes, we can easily install XAMPP web server to a pen drive. The installation steps are simple and more like the usual system installation. And it works the same as a remote(or local) … Continue reading

Creating CON folder, rand, Q33N hoaxes in Windows, all explained

Last night, I saw an interesting post on Facebook that mystifies 4 of the very famous hoaxes found on web. Though they are a piece of very old discussion, but I found them worth mentioning again and unveil the hidden fact behind these hoxes. Creating ‘CON’ folder in windows isn’t possible Gnerally, it isn’t possible to create a folder with … Continue reading

Countries who Banned Social Networking Websites

done to stop people from wasting time and focus on their work. However, when you live in a liberal country like India, you will be surprised to know that there are some countries who have banned use of few social networking websites in entire country. While social networking sites are hugely popular worldwide, some country believe them to be a … Continue reading

Reasons why Orkut lost market to Facebook in India

You must have tried your hands on Orkut, the first social networking site developed by Google. Earlier, the craze of Orkut was on everyone and they had been using all day and night, mainly in Brazil and India. Since 2007, Orkut saw a sharp drop in users mainly because of Facebook. Let’s have a look at why people lost interest … Continue reading

Why India could be a big cloud computing market

Cloud computing market is growing each day because of the amazing services it provides; applications to promote new small business and has the capability of meeting individual requirements. India is a global hub for a wide range of IT services ranging from hardware to software and networking. And there no reason why India can’t be a base for the cloud … Continue reading