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What is ‘CKWL’ and ‘REGRET’ in online reservation (

If you’re an ardent user of, the website for online reservation in India then you must have seen something like CKWL 5, CKWL 21 and REGRET while booking your ticket. 1. Full form of CKWL is ‘Tatkal Quota Waiting List’. Its the waiting list for tatkal quota. Its same as normal waiting list except its for tatkal quota. Chances of … Continue reading

How to convert vcf file to csv online?

Variant Call Format or VCF is the standard format for storing phone contacts. VCF files can only be read with applications like Nokia PC Suite and Samsung Kies. Without these softwares, they can’t be read, edited or modified. An alternate way of reading content of VCF files is by converting it to CSV while is easily readable using MS Excel. Steps … Continue reading

15 awesome 2013 Holi Pics from Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana

The festival of joy Holi is celebrated throughout India with full intensity. Colors and liquids are sprayed over everyone in sight. Doesn’t matter if you’re known or unknown, friend or rival, no one is spared when it comes to playing Holi. Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna is known for celebrating Holi in grand style. Its celebrated over 3 days unlike … Continue reading

How to export contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer without using Kies?

The easiest way to import or export contacts from Samsung Galaxy smartphone is by the use of Kies software. But if you haven’t access to this software, try the following steps to do the same. Go to your phone ‘Contacts’. Open ‘options’ tapping the call button at the bottom-left. Tap on the ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the menu that … Continue reading

How to automatically update date and time in a MS Word 2003 or 2007 Document

1. Create a MS Word 2003 or 2007 document. 2. Expand ‘Insert’ tab and click ‘Date and Time’. 3. This will pop-up a block with different date-time formats. Select any of those and check ‘Update Automatically’ option at the bottom-right corner. Click ‘Ok’. 4. All done! Current date and time will add to your document. It will automatically update and … Continue reading

Is it really important to Safely remove pen drive?

We don’t care what the big guys says, and that’s to remove external devices like pen drive only after using ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option in windows. Is it really necessary, or is just a conventional idea of no relevance. Different people have different perspective on this. Most say, they have been plucking pen drives directly for years but nothing happened … Continue reading

How to open, create and save .ico files in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is great software for graphic designers. It provides almost all functionality to design killer images, icons, templates, posters and many more things. But have you noticed that Photoshop don’t provide support to .ico (Windows Icon) files. You can’t open them or create them. .ico files, though less used but are important in certain circumstances like creating favicon image … Continue reading

Make internet browsing faster on 3G USB Dongle/SIM

Not everyone has the luxury of a broadband connection for faster internet browsing. There may be times, may be in college or in some congested areas when you have to use slower USB Dongle or SIM to connect with internet. We can easily boost internet speed on slower interfaces using some tweaky practices. Below are some tips to achieve faster internet … Continue reading

Google products that failed or fell short of expectations

Google is having a great influence on the internet world and I don’t think it’s possible to find anyone who is not familiar with Google. Google is a big platform yet there are some Google’s products that have not been succeeded in the the market and here we have brought forward some of them, Google Finance was developed by Google … Continue reading

Top 10 most searched Indian celebrities on Google

Here we have brought forward a list of top 10 Indian celebrities on Google and basically the list consists to the Bollywood personalities only. It is fully based of the ranking of Indian viewers and is a result of online media survey. Below is the list of most search Indian top 10 celebrities on Google. Katrina Kaif – Famous Indian … Continue reading

Correct finger placement for faster typing on laptop

Many users must be facing some issues with good speed while typing on their laptop. So,they want to enhance their speed by using some tips and instructions. So, here we have come up with that necessary instructions which would help users in order to enhance their typing speed and that too in short time. You should be friendly with your keyboard … Continue reading

New surprise from Microsoft: Re-imagining Start Menu

For the first time in the world when the touch screen came who would ever have imagined that they also would be using their PCs would also become touchscreen one day. Yes the news is from the world’s most successful Operating system producer Microsoft. In the blog of Microsoft Windows 8, Alice Stein glass, a manager with Microsoft’s intricatelyentitled Core … Continue reading