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Linear Gradient in CSS3 to provide awesome Backgrounds effects to Menus and Divs

Previously web developers use image to add gradient, rounded corners and shadow effects to menus and divs which can slow down the website. Then launched the CSS3 with awesome features aiming to make websites load and perform faster. Among the various features of CSS3 one is the linear gradient which can provide the same gradient effect with just a single … Continue reading

Try Maki App: A Web Design Mockup Tool

If you’ve ever designed a website on your own, you know very well how irritating it is when a new version of your design fails to sit pretty with your existing template. Enter Maki app, a great web design mockup tool to let you view a mockup of your new page as an overlay to your existent material. How does … Continue reading

Security threats of Cloud Computing based servers

Would you like losing direct control over systems carrying your important data? Cloud Computing is undoubtedly a technology revolution providing amazing cloud services at a reduced cost. Cloud server hosts very low sensitive personal and critical business information and threat to such data is enough to take your breath away. Before you think of shifting your data to a cloud … Continue reading

Meta keywords and Meta description do not improve Website Search Engine Performance

Most of you must be running a website and should be using Meta keywords and Meta description as well. They are considered important in improving website’s search engine performance. But most of you might not know that search engines have stopped giving prominence to Meta keywords and Meta description. Reason? Some bloggers stuff keywords and keyphrases in their Meta tags … Continue reading