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How ads slow down website loading speed

You have seen website ads begging for your attention, some are useful while some appear non-relevant and bizarre with the webpage design. Ads are the biggest source of income for website owners. Despite being a fuel for online existence of websites, ads hugely contribute in slowing down the website loading speed. You came across websites that load partially and then … Continue reading

Google, Facebook can provide your details to FBI and Pentagon

What’s the first thing you do after waking up? Most people would go for washroom while many goes directly to the check updates on their social networking account. Checking these sites has become a daily routine for most of us. So it shouldn’t amuse you to know that Google and Facebook can pass your details to FBI and Pentagon whenever … Continue reading

Why Windows 8 boot so fast?

Though Windows 8 isn’t released but the features are good enough to erupt a desire to purchase one very soon. Latest windows 8 by Microsoft boots from cold state in just 6-7 seconds. We’ll try and understand some interesting tweaks applied by Microsoft OS developers that made windows 8 boot so fast. I have tried to explain in a simple … Continue reading

Booting time of Windows 8 increased upto 70 percent

After writing five blogs on windows 8, I came to know of my blunder; I haven’t thrown my mind at the booting time of windows 8 by Microsoft. After 10 years of criticism, Microsoft seems to have shut down the mouth of critics by increasing the cold booting time upto 70 percent. It means your system would start in just … Continue reading

Windows To Go feature in windows 8 operating system

Booting operating system from pen drive is now a new thing but ‘Windows To Go’ feature in windows 8 operating system would make it legal and supported. With ‘Windows To Go’ you can carry each and every data of your system, including operating system, personal files and folders to any computer you want. You just need to plug pen drive … Continue reading

VoIP service launched by BSNL with optimum call rates

VOIP service is ready to enter your home with BSNL launching the service on 18th July ’11. The project is a result of the joint venture between BSNL and Sai Infosystems Ltd. It’s already launched in Ahmadabad and expected to roll out to other states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh very soon. BSNL seems to be opting for states where they expect … Continue reading

Features of Windows 8 operating system, latest version of windows

The buzz around the windows 8 release date is all over internet these days. Microsoft has released a developer preview for everyone to see what the latest windows 8 would feature. This preview was released on September 13, 2011 and is available on their website. The release date of this latest version of windows has not been decided yet, but … Continue reading

Page speed service by Google to improve website loading time

Page Speed Service by Google is an online service that speeds up loading of your web pages. The Page Speed Service is an addition to Page Speed Family which the Google introduced two years ago to suggest website developers and webmasters on ways to improve website loading time. The page speed service can improve the speed of the page by … Continue reading

Difference between directory and folder in windows

We have heard of this since our childhood but very few actually knows the difference between directory and folder. Both these terms are used interchangeably most times but there is technically a difference between directory and folder. A folder is a way of managing or organizing files systematically in a computer. A folder may contain another folders and files varying from … Continue reading

Twitter web analytics released: Website owners and internet marketers happy

Twitter web analytics has been long overdue by the Twitter developers and now finally they have released it to certain private groups. Twitter promises that the Twitter analytics tool will be available to all public users within weeks. Many websites have tried to introduce tools for Twitter to help analyze the traffic it produces. Now these websites will be concerned … Continue reading

Get latest updates to email account using Google alerts

Life would appear more sweet if you could get food, clothes, office and everything else around your bed. Unfortunately, in the world of microprocessors this isn’t possible till now. However, you can have your daily dope of news and updates directly to your email account. Google alerts is a service by which Google sends you updates from virtually anything you … Continue reading

How to choose the right color for website ads

Right food is one that doesn’t run your stomach. Similarly, right color for website ads is one that improves website CTR. If you’re making huge with orange and reds then stick to it or if you’re happy with black and blues then live with it. Google however states that smooth and light colored ads outperform the darker ones. This is … Continue reading