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Horrifying answer by TCS employee in KBC4, deserves to be fired

I’m up with this cruel video that could force you to hold your head and if you’re a techie working for TCS then please don’t see this video as it could boil your anger to alarming levels. In this video, a girl is looking for help from his friend working in TCS to win her Rs 320,000. Before this, she … Continue reading

Limitations of Google search by image feature

Google lately launched its search by image feature that allows you to search for identical images to an image with just dragging and dropping. In most cases, the service provides very correct results but fails ironically in some other cases. Most of us aren’t aware but there are certain limitations of Google search by image. Here are some which I ‘ve found out till now, … Continue reading

New subscribe button by Facebook to filter news feeds

Facebook always updates its subscribers through its News Feed feature, but sometimes, this feature sounds to be killing because we do not like to see most of the information. We hear many stories from people we do not know or we are not interested in, if you want to avoid this annoyance then you should know about the new Facebook … Continue reading

How social media sites are threat to user privacy

Privacy is a subject of great concern for users who have accounts on different social networking sites. These sites claim to provide better user privacy and security, but the reality is not satisfactory. Social networking sites have lot of features and third part apps that are solely intended to increase connectivity among users that sometimes has direct threat to user privacy. … Continue reading

Single page awesome jQuery portfolio website: Demo, download and tutorial

Today we’ll discuss a website developed in late 2008 and was my portfolio site when I was studying. This one is a single page website wherein we put our content in four different divs and navigate between them with cool transition effects using jQuery. Before we proceed you should check, Demo Okay! What’s the idea? If you have a fair bit of idea … Continue reading

Linux Application Explorer: FocusWriter

This is our second post in the Series ‘Linux Application Explorer’ where we’ll study about the latest Linux applications which have hit the market very recently. I hope you’ve read our first post on Polly twitter client. Today we will have a look at FocusWriter which is a distraction free text editor. Some of the great features of FocusWriter are distraction … Continue reading

Funny Google search results on Osama

You must have seen many funny Google search results but I’m sure you aren’t aware of this. Osama, who died in August is still hot in Google searches. His chapter is closed yet Google suggest shows up some undigestible suggestions when you type Osama in the search box.   1. Google says, Osama had a close friend 2. Osama is mysterious, 3. … Continue reading

What Google think of girls

No man could know what’s in women’s mind but Google can. Recently, while I was hovering around the Google search I found something very interesting. My findings compelled me to tap on Google’s back as search results were so very much close to what boys think, This blog is fun! Leg-pulling material for girls, on boys coming very soon.

Best place for ads in a blogging website for better CTRs

Only 3 ads can be included in a webpage so we must be precise in placing ads on websites. Some days ago, I came to know of two most fruitful locations for ads that gives better click through rates (CTRs.). Depending on the blog design, here we discuss two ad layouts. If you’re running a blogging site, its advisable to switch to … Continue reading

Youth’s response to latest news ticker and timeline facelift by Facebook

First let me explain what’s I’m actually talking about – You must have noticed that Facebook news feeds has a different look with feeds divided by timelines. Now you can see number updates since your last login and click on them to view. Its an attempt by Facebook to add customization to news feeds, but as per the survey conducted by … Continue reading

Recover lost Facebook account with help of your trusted friends

You must have forgot your Facebook password many times, in my case its too many to count on fingers. In the last few months, Facebook launched multiple services to boost user security and privacy. This time, Facebook launched a service called ‘trusted friends’ that allows you to recover lost password with the help of your Facebook friends, don’t forget ‘har friend … Continue reading

Avoid common passwords for bank and email accounts

You need not have to be a genius to guess someone’s password if you have access to his private details. It has been found that almost 80% of users keep common passwords that are guessable with basic personal information in hand. Bank and email accounts are guessed by cyber criminals in the same way. Cyber criminals try to read victims mind and check all … Continue reading