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शेखी का परिणाम (Result of Boasting)

Short story of three friends who like boasting. One friend Riese gets into big trouble due to his such nature. Full Story in Hindi अनोवा और ग्रीट्स बहुत पक्के मित्र थे। वे एक दूसरे पर जान छिड़कने को तैयार रहते थे। उन्हीं दिनों उनको मोरियो नामक एक व्यक्ति मिला। वह भी उन लोगों से मित्रता बढ़ाने लगा। एक बार वे … Continue reading

पत्तों का कमाल (Magic of leaves)

प्राचीनकाल की बात है। तब वहां पेड़ों में पत्ते नहीं हुआ करते थे। पशु, पक्षी, मानव सभी को बिना पत्तों के पेड़ देखने की आदत थी। तभी उन सभी की आदतें व मौसम सहने की शक्ति उसी के अनुसार होती थी। तब सर्दी के मौसम में बहुत तेज हवा नहीं चल पाती थी। क्योंकि पत्तियों के अभाव में हवा की … Continue reading

अनन्त इच्छा (Never Ending Desires)

A story telling how desires of of human beings and animals never end. They always want more than what they currently have. Moral of the Story: Desires Never End. Complete Folk Tale in Hindi एक बार की बात है, एक राजा अपने देश के पड़ोस में सैर के लिए निकला। उसने देखा वहाँ की धरती बहुत उपजाऊ थी, चारों ओर फसलें … Continue reading

मुसीबत का मारा (Khurram eats Jackfruit and Gets into a Trouble)

This is a folk tale of one Mr. Khurram who goes to Bangladesh on a business trip and gets into trouble after eating Jackfruit. Complete Folk Tale in Hindi आसिफ शेख कपड़े का बहुत बड़ा व्यापारी था। उसने ढेरों दौलत जमा कर रखी थी। उसका व्यापार आस-पास के देशों में भी फैल चुका था। वह कभी-कभी उन देशों की यात्रा भी किया करता था। … Continue reading

चोरी की सजा (Farmer Teaches a Lesson to Thief)

This is a Hindi short story of an elderly farmer and a bear. Farmer grows turnip in his field which is stolen by the bear. Rest of the story is how he teaches a lesson to the bear for his act. Complete Short Story in Hindi एक गांव में एक बूढ़ा किसान अपनी पत्नी के साथ रहता था। उसका एक … Continue reading

BSNL landline bill payment using internet banking: Stepwise guide

BSNL landline & broadband bills can be paid online using netbanking, credit or debit card. Here are the steps to do this, 1. Go to and select ‘Pay BSNL landline/Broadband bill’ under My Account section. 2. Next enter the phone number and click ‘Submit’. 3. View the bill amount and enter mobile or email address to receive confirmation. 4. … Continue reading

Axis Bank netbanking vs SBI netbanking: Head to Head Comparison

I’ve been using Axis bank netbanking for over 6 years now and is a great fan of this awesome service. It allows us to do things for which we previously had to go bank and stand in tiring queues. From transferring money to bill payment, and recharging mobiles to making online purchases, internet banking is our friend everywhere. In India, all nationalized and … Continue reading

How to Reset Transaction Password in Axis Bank netbanking

It’s a human nature to forget things but when a bank password goes missing we involuntarily end up having sleepless nights. In the past few weeks, we’ve received queries from many readers who’re unsettled after losing their Axis Bank Transaction password. One Mr. Samar from Sahibabad says, “Please tell how to reset axis bank transaction password online without going to bank. My … Continue reading

Create bootable Windows 7 pen drive from ISO

If you haven’t shifted to Windows 8 yet and like working with Win 7, here is a thing you’ll love to know. In the blog, we’ll learn about creating bootable Windows 7 pen drive. Installing Windows using pen drive is a better option than doing the same with DVD as its pretty fast. Moreover, not all smaller laptops or netbook devices … Continue reading

Understanding Domain Name: Protocol, Hostname, TLD and Subdomain

A fully qualified domain name or FQDN has four parts. First is the protocol part which is like http and https. Protocol is a set of rules that websites follow while transferring data across the web. Text data follows ‘Hyper Text Transfer Protocol’ and that’s why all website have http:// at the first place. File Transfer Protocol or ftp is for transferring files and … Continue reading

Domain vs Website vs Hosting, know the difference

To visit a website, we type its domain name. To visit Yahoo we type in, similarly we enter for the Facebook website. Domain is an identifying string to connect with a website on internet. It has an IP and a particular format. All the domain names and their IP(s) are enlisted in DNS or Domain Name System which is … Continue reading

What is wwwz, www8 in website url?

Recently we’ve received queries regarding structure of website urls. Websites like and have something like in place of the usual So how does this thing appear? Lets know. The most common form of a website is like like and which are basically the same. Most browsers hide the initial http:// thing which specifies the protocol being … Continue reading