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How to get user location coordinates using JavaScript’s Geolocation API

JavaScript does offer navigator object that helps in retrieving information about the browser a user is currently working on. Getting location of user (or browser) is a tricky task as there is no JS property for navigator object in this regard. With the advent of HTML5 and most importantly the Geolocation API this has become a possibility. Geolocation API defines a few new properties that … Continue reading

LinkedIn makes 20 times more revenue than Facebook

The heading might sound a bit misleading but is a fact that LinkedIn makes 20 times more money per user than Facebook. So, if LinkedIn has 900million users like Facebook then it would have 20 times more money in its pocket. This is due to the type of services that both social networking sites offer. Facebook offers everything for free … Continue reading

How to detect user location using Google Maps, Geolocation API and HTML5

Seen Google Maps? Amazing isn’t it? Wanna use it to track your friend’s or girlfriend’s location. If yes, then just sit back and read our monthly superpost wherein we’ll explain how Google Maps can be used in conjunction with Geolocation API and HTML 5 to detect anyone’s location on Map. Not only this, you can also track if the subject is changing location – whether he/she is … Continue reading

Create multiple Facebook, Twitter accounts with single Gmail id

Just read the blog and you’ll be amazed by the end of it. Here we tell about creating multiple Facebook, Twitter, iBibo accounts with just one Gmail id. Create alternative ids from one Gmail id Suppose your email id is ‘’. From this, we’ll create numerous alternative ids that can be perfectly used to create Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here … Continue reading

See Gmail login history in easy steps

You have a Gmail account. You know the password, also your sister, brother, a few friends knew about it. So its important to keep track of whether they are logging into your account, whether they are reading your email and chatlogs. This can only be done by checking login history of Gmail. But how to do this? Is there any way … Continue reading

Personalize Facebook feeds: Decide what updates to see and what not to

Facebook’s algorithm is fine tuned for engagement. It has your potential friends to connect with, apps to use, pages and groups to share and discuss topics. In doing so, lot of things are shared between you and your friends. It includes status updates, images, videos and more stuff. But not always you like seeing all these stuff. Sometimes you want certain … Continue reading

A little login trick for Gmail

Gmail has just passed 425 million users and most probably you’re among those Gmail users. Today, I’ve a little trick for you. Before we start, first check if your email id has got a ‘ . ‘ mark in it. If yes, then get ready to try this idea. Try logging to your Gmail account without this ‘ . ‘ dot … Continue reading Borrow or Buy books that matches your taste

What you like to read? A Romantic novel, a thriller, or a book that has little bit of everything, say a romantic-thriller. Choosing a new book to read is not an easy thing but Whichbook is here for your rescue. Whichbook is a site with 4 million books to read from different genres - Epic, Lyric, Drama, Romance, Satire, Tragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy etc. You can choose the sort of … Continue reading

See the time of day when your website gets most traffic

You can track the number of visits your website is getting each day. But what about the hourly stats of the daily traffic. How the know of the time at which traffic is peak in your site? You can easily check this from your Google Analytics dashboard only. Here is how, 1. Login to Analytics profile. In ‘Standard Reporting’ page, change to ‘Hourly’ from … Continue reading

How to remove broken links from Google search results

Content on internet is dynamic. Information are frequently added, deleted and modified. So it can be a possibility that a deleted webpage might still show up in Google search results. Or double copies of nearly same content exists in Google search after renaming the older url. Such things commonly happens with a website. Its important to deal with this in … Continue reading

How to find broken links in website for free

Links are the indicators of website’s reputation. A website with more incoming links performs better in search engine results than its competitor within the same niche. But ‘linkrot’ ie the presence of huge number of broken links in a website can deter this advantage. So, what are broken links? Broken links, dead link or dangling links are the outgoing links … Continue reading

How to parse different JSON formats using jQuery/JavaScript

JSON, developed by Douglas Crockford helps in easy storing and transportation of data. Its much like XML but much faster and lightweight. Parsing JSON is easier compared to XML. JSON files are available in different formats. In the tutorial, we’ll learn about parsing different JSON formats. We’ll also give an insight of the syntax of JSON files which will help … Continue reading