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6 must know things before buying Aakash tablet

Aakash has been distributed to more than 12k users, and many of them shared their feedback with me on Facebook. So, in this blog, I’ve complied list of a few things that one must know before buying the Aakash tablet, With Aakash tablet, you won’t be getting SIM and GPRS facility. It’ll only have Wi-Fi. You can’t download new apps and … Continue reading

Complaints of Aakash tablet users, no customer care, under-performing

In December, 30k Aakash tablets were sold in an online sale, much faster than beleaguered India’s surrender to Australia, 2-0. Buyers were promised to deliver these tablets within 7 days of online booking, but got delayed. Tablet distribution started in January ’12, and with this, started a long list of complaints. Here are some horrific complaints, I’ve found in consumer forums, … Continue reading

I can get your phone number, no joke!

Before you start slamming me with bottles and rotten tomatoes, I must say that this trick really works. I can get your phone number in a few steps. If you still don’t believe me, get a calculator and try this, Get first 3 digits of your phone number (land-line number, excluding STD code) Multiple by 80 Add 1 to it Now … Continue reading

6 best ways to prevent laptop overheating

After some years of use, laptops often heats so much that they could be replaced as heaters. System overheating is a common problem with most laptop users. Excessive heating may damage RAM, cause irreparable damage to laptop components and wires, or incur permanent data loss. Lets see how excessive heating of a laptop can be avoided, Keep laptop clean: Most users, … Continue reading

How to reduce high CPU usage?

CPU is the brain of a computer, so it must be kept in good shape. CPU usage usually hovers around 3-5 percent, but there may be times when it creeps up at alarming levels. CPU usage gives a reflection of load on the system processor. Higher CPU usage means higher load on microprocessors and RAM, which might result in slow … Continue reading

20 Ways to increase Facebook fans

Marketing on Facebook starts with the creation of a Facebook page. Each page has an overall potential of reaching upto 790 million+ users, so, its important to find clever ways of increasing fans to engage more and more visitors and turn them into customers. Here are some ways that are effective in increasing likes for a Facebook page, Best use … Continue reading

4 motivational videos on India; respect, unity and pride

Here are some truly inspiring videos, I’ve found on YouTube. You’ll definitely love these,

Nick Vujicic’s most inspiring video

Words aren’t enough to describe this great man, Nick Vujicic is a preacher and motivational speaker. He has a rare medical disorder characterized by the absence of all 4 limbs. He says people to live life to the fullest, try realize dreams and never give up in life.

Simplest way to invite friends to like a Facebook page

Once you’ve added new admins to your Facebook page, its time to tell them to recommend the page to their friends. There is a very simple way of doing this, ie by sending invitation to each and every Facebook friend directly from the page. Here is how you can do this, First click ‘Invite Friends’ option at the right-center location … Continue reading

How to an add admin to a Facebook page?

Increase admins, increase Facebook fans. Yes, having more admins ensures there is more potential fans for your Facebook page; it also helps in better management and employing better marketing strategies for the page. Here is how you can add a new admin to your Facebook page, 1. First click edit page > Manage Admins. 2. Now add name of the … Continue reading

How to improve wifi signal reception on laptop at home, schools and colleges

With the advent of Wifi, connecting to internet at home, school and colleges has gone easier. But the Wifi installed at such places usually have a poor signal strength that results in gruesome web experience for netizens. So, its important to employ right practices to catch better signals. Antenna placement for better WIFI reception Laptops come with an inbuilt antenna to … Continue reading

12 tips for safe blogging to avoid plagiarism, copyright and AdSense problems

With blogging, there comes huge responsibility that a blogger needs to sense. A blogger must be true to its readers with the sole aim of providing content best of his abilities. For a blogger, there are some pivotal things that must be kept in mind while writing a blog and posting on the website. Here are some valuable tips for safe … Continue reading