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Delhi HC threatens Google and Facebook to filter content or get blocked

Today, Delhi HC told Google and Facebook to apply filters to pour out objectionable images of God and Goddess from their website. Hon’ble Justice Cait was speaking after refusing to file criminal complaint against Google and Facebook over the presence of inflammatory image on their website. He further went on too say that, such content harms people’s sentiments and isn’t … Continue reading

How to see who unliked your page on Facebook?

Facebook gives you notification when someone likes your page, but there is nothing when someone unlike your page and goes away. Now with Facebook insight, you can easily track when and how many have unliked your page. This is how, Go to your Facebook page and click ‘Insights’ tab at the left. On click, 3 new tabs displayed below it. … Continue reading

See your blog among top Google search results now

Better rankings means better traffic, and better traffic results in better income. Being a blogger, you always want to see your blog among the top Google search results. Many other bloggers aspire the same, but only a few could feature among the top ones. In fact, there are just 3 big factors that decide the search engine rankings of a blog. Here … Continue reading

How to unfriend a friend in Facebook Timeline

With Facebook timeline, you can easily unfriend a friend in a few easy steps. Here is the way to do this, First, click ‘See All’ option at the top of friends list in your Facebook timeline profile. On Click, you’ll see an expanded list of your friends. Move cursor over the friend you want to unfriend or unsubscribe. On hover, … Continue reading

How to hide Facebook friends in timeline?

In Facebook timeline, you can easily manage the appearance of your friends as private or public. You can prevent it from being visible to anyone, or other friends, or from selected friends, you can customize everything. Here are the steps showing how to hide Facebook friends from showing to anyone, First, click ‘See All’ option above the friend box in … Continue reading

Understand the design of Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is about to roll onto each and every fb user in a few days time. In the blog, we’ll show where each and every options are located to help you understand and work with the new design in a better manner. Here is the complete infographic depiction of the new timeline feature by Facebook. Friends, photos, maps, likes … Continue reading

Top 10 Indian cricketers with most Facebook fans

Though, Indian cricketers are usually found on Twitter but their Facebook fans are many folds of their Twitter followers. Here is a comprehensive list of Indian cricketers with most Facebook fans, [The list is based on stats found on 10th Jan ’12), the largest cricket website on the internet.] Sachin Tendular Rahul Dravid MS Dhoni Virender Sehwag Yuvraj Singh … Continue reading

Google suggestions to husbands and wives

Again, I’ve found something very interesting in Google suggest results. This time, its about husband and wife, and relationships between them. Out of 20 funny results I’ve found last evening, here are 5 of them. Rest will come in the next blog. Lets see,

Make SEOed blogs with Chrome browser, see how?

I don’t comprehend why people are still using their old browser when a much better option, Google Chrome is available. A blogger or a SEO guy must be using Chrome browser for the simple reason, it helps in improving SEO of a blog. Pressing CTRL+F activates search feature for a browser, whether its MSIE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, everybody has … Continue reading

Microsoft sues Chinese retailers for selling pirated Windows and Office products

Microsoft lashed out at two Chinese retail chains for selling pirated Windows OS and Office products. IT giant filed lawsuits against two Chinese retail chains, namely Gome Electrical Appliances and Buynow in two separate courts, in Beijing and Shanghai. In the lawsuit, Microsoft asked court to prevent these retailers from selling pirated products and pay for the losses incurred to Microsoft. It not … Continue reading

Aakash tablet available in college libraries on rent

Government is planning to provide Aakash tablets to college libraries absolutely free of cost with long term prepositions to help students in their studies. These Aakash tablets will come with pre-loaded lectures on various subjects. Students can borrow the tablet on rent, whose span would be decided by the concerned college itself. This announcement might be a big point of interest for most Aakash … Continue reading

An absolutely free software to create YouTube videos

If you’ve ever wanted to show how good you are with online tutorials, then Hypercam is what you need. Now create a free video and post on YouTube and Metacafe for the world to see. Hypercam is a free screen capture software used to create videos. Initially, it was launched as a shareware but now its available free of cost. … Continue reading