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How to stop fans from unliking Facebook page

Once a brand on Facebook has several thousands fans, they start pouring tonnes of marketing posts, which are all visible to fans. Such an activity can force a fan of a Facebook page to sway away by unliking it. How to stop them? Being a page owner, there must be the right approach to deal with fans and prevent them … Continue reading

How to recover lost profile password of SBI Netbanking account

If you’ve lost the password of your SBI netbanking accopunt then there are 2 ways to recover it. Here is how you do it, Login to your account and reach where you enter profile password. Now click ‘Forget profile password’ option. Now you’ll be asked to answer the hint question that you set while setting up the password. If you … Continue reading

Recover lost/forgot SBI netbanking account login password?

Internet Banking has become very common these days. We transfer money, recharge mobiles, pay telephone bills and do lot more things using this awesome service. In the hustle and bustle of life, we may forget the key to unlock this very service. Call it a human nature or a security measure, we keep strong passwords which are hard to remember hence more … Continue reading

How to get correct AO details for PAN card application?

Getting a PAN card has gone easy with time. Previously, we had to reach NSDL center to obtain a PAN card but now you can apply for it directly via filling an online form. In online application, the first section is for filling Accessing Officer or AO details. This is the most confusing part, but don’t worry as we tell you … Continue reading

1 billion users for Facebook in August 2012

Recent growth of Facebook is a clear indication of where this social networking site is heading. With a mere 150 active million users by the fall of 08’, the social networking giant accumulated over 815 million users by 2011. According to a survey, Facebook would continue to grow at this speed and would reach the 1 billion mark by August 2012. Here is the … Continue reading

Aakash tablet distribution updates to colleges and buyers

Distribution of Aakash tablet has caught flow with a big share of booked tablets already handed out to the buyers. Distribution started on 1st Jan ’12 and till now more than 14,000 have been parked to the buyers. However, rate of distribution is slow as compared to what Datawind, the manufacturer, initially promised. Previously, Aakash tablets went on for online sale on 16th … Continue reading

Why I can’t see authorship information in Google search results

Google displays authorship information for weblinks in its search results. It means, one can see the name and image of author alongside the weblinks. If you’ve correctly added the code but still can’t see your image and profile in Google search results then you should use Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool to see if there is any implementation issues. First goto Google webmasters … Continue reading

How to rename a Facebook page

While creating a Facebook page, its important to keep note of the fact that page-name can’t be altered once its created. So, if you’ve mistyped it, or want to rename it for some other reason then you would face problems. But, you can change name of a Facebook page only if it has got less than 100 fans. In this … Continue reading

How to change Facebook page url to shorter url

Want a shorter url for your Facebook page? Now, you can change your weird looking, long Facebook page url to an easy to remember shorter url in a few easy steps. Reach you Facebook page. Click ‘Edit Page’ and then ‘Basic Information’ option on the left (Edit Page>Basic Information) Locate ‘Username’ area on the right, now click ‘create username for … Continue reading

How to reach Customer Care for Aakash tablet?

In previous blog, we highlighted some common problems faced by Aakash tablet buyers which got huge response. People shared their problems like unavailability of customer care centers and unresponsive toll free numbers for queries and we tried to help them out in the best possible manner. We’re in touch with some Aakash tablet insiders to give you under the hood information. Here is what you can … Continue reading

Aakash 2 available from Feb 2 for college students

In a recent note, Indian Government announced that Aakash 2 tablets would be available for college students from Feb 2 onwards. They are supposed to get the delivery of 70,000 tablets from Datawind, the manufacturer, by the end of January. More than 30,000 Aakash tablets has been sold in the market till date. Aakash 2 is an improvement over the … Continue reading

Bing replaces Yahoo as the second best search engine on web

Microsoft’s Bing surpassed Yahoo to become the second most favoured search engine, says recently released stats by comScore. In November last year, both were more or less equally placed with approximately 14.5 percent market share. The outcome was evident as last year Yahoo was up with at 16 percent while Bing was lowly placed with 12 percent. Since then, there has been lots … Continue reading