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How to post flipped Facebook updates and comments?

Wondering how people post inverted texts in Facebook updates and comments. Now you can post the same, flipped text with minimal effort. Here is how, Just go to Flip-It app. Its an app developed by Ravi Sharma that turns all alphabets and numerals by 180 degrees. Once you’re on the page, enter some text in the left box and you’ll … Continue reading

How to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook?

You sent a friend request to someone but soon realized that he isn’t the one who you’re actually intended to send the request. Now you might want to cancel the sent request but don’t know how to do it. Follow these steps to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook, Firstly, search the profile(to whom you’ve sent request) using the search … Continue reading

10 difference between e-ticket and i-ticket

If you’ve ever paused before selecting e-ticket/i-ticket option while doing an online reservation the this blog is what you need. Here we tell you the exact difference between an e-ticket and i-ticket in Indian Railways online reservation system. E-Ticket vs i-ticket Though both are booked online, i-ticket can only be booked clear 2/3 days prior to the date of journey … Continue reading

How to prevent cyber attacks on bank accounts

Bank accounts has always been the main target of cyber criminals, and with the advent of Internet banking this problem has increased by many folds. In the blog, first we’ll check the most common forms of cyber attacks imposed by criminals to steal bank account details, and then look at the ways of preventing it. Here are 2 most common … Continue reading

Prevent frauds in craigslist India and ways to deal with it

Being the biggest classified website, Craigslist is the home of spammers and fraudulent activities. There is no precise way to stop such activities but we can definitely prevent ourselves from being one of the targets. Here are certain things to keep in mind before negotiating with an advertiser, Never carry out cross-country deals, especially in India. Such advertisements can be luring but 90 percent of are … Continue reading

Facebook blocks spammy and unsafe website urls

Facebook maintains a list of websites and urls that’s spammy, abusive and potentially unsafe for minors. All these urls are blocked from appearing anywhere in Facebook updates, comments, notes and chat. Usually, whenever you type a url in Facebook, it automatically retrieves the link and shows it as hyperlink. This a nice feature, but if someone sends weblink of a p0rnographic content, image … Continue reading

Trick to get Facebook profile/page information without visiting it

Only Facebook apps are given access to user’s private details, but there is a fine way of retrieving these information without making an app, and also without logging onto Facebook. First, we’ll get a profile details without actually visiting it, Just goto or facebook-id and you’ll have it. As an example, displays my basic information. is an easy … Continue reading

How to delete all older Facebook wall posts

You must have shared many things on Facebook, from your first crush to your marriage date, Facebook wall has a compilation of all. Getting rid of these memoirs isn’t easy. Deleting thousands of posts, one by one is beyond practicality, so you need an service to do this. Clean My Wall is one such great script that deletes older wall … Continue reading

Maintain multiple Facebook account in a single Chrome brower

Most of us have got more than one Facebook account, one for personal use, one for ‘midnight’ use and, if required, probably one for professional use. Such busy guys face problems in maintaining all these accounts as they have to frequently login/logout of one account to use the other one, which is indeed very painful. But no more, a cool … Continue reading

How to track PAN card status online

A PAN card usually takes some 15 days to receive from the date of application. In some cases, it might delay due to one or the other reason. With TIN (Tax information network) of Income tax deptt. you can now online track the status of your PAN card, directly from home. It’ll tell you when your PAN was allotted, dispatched … Continue reading

BJP’s election campaign with Google ads

Have you noticed promotional ads of BJP on any website? If not, then you’ll see it a day or two. I came across one such ad while digging some websites last night. With election heat catching up the Indian politics, parties are giving their every bit to reach potential supporters with roller-coaster, 24×7 election campaigns. Apart from stacking banners and distributing … Continue reading

Top 8 reasons why fans unlike a Facebook page

A brand comes to Facebook, and starts luring people with attractive offers and asks them to become a fan. People does so to enjoy ongoing offers and get notifications of the coming ones. Once a brand gets big fan following on Facebook, its sometimes fails to maintain them. Last year Facebook rolled out ‘unlike’ button for Facebook pages and since then … Continue reading