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Samsung galaxy tab price in India at online shopping sites

Samsung is known for its stylish mobiles and economical price range. There is a wide range of Samsung Galaxy tablet with varying price tag. For example, if you want to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010, it will cost you around Rs 13999 in India. On other hand Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Tablet is available for Rs 31500. Samsung Galaxy Tab … Continue reading

How to block emails from a specific email id in Gmail

Gmail’s automated system identifies most spams and keeps it away from your inbox. But sometimes, a few sneak past the Gmail filter and reach your inbox. These includes promotional emails, Facebook notifications and others. You can block such emails directly by creating filters. Creating filters in Gmail allow you to block email from a particular email-id(s). This prevents you from … Continue reading

Indian railways ticket booking online through mobile: No apps required

Indian railways online booking of tickets has gone easier with starting of the service on mobile phones. Now you can book railway ticket directly through your mobile. No app required, just an internet connection. Here is the stepwise guide for booking railways ticket via mobile, Go to irtctc’s mobile website and login with your existing irctc username and password. Click on ‘Book … Continue reading

Activate netbanking in Axis bank: Stepwise guide

Axis bank is providing netbanking service to its customers for some years now. Older account holders who didn’t had the luxury of netbanking can also activate it by applying at the nearest branch. However, netbanking is activated with most newer Axis bank accounts. But if not, ask for it while applying for an account. For older account holders, an application … Continue reading

How to activate netbanking in ICICI bank

ICICI bank is the second largest bank in India. Its also one of the first banks to start netbanking service in India. Most new accounts come with netbanking already activated, while for some accounts it needs to be explicitly mention in the application form. Existing account holders have to write an application and ask for netbanking activation. The steps are … Continue reading

Blog is dead, know why?

Starting a blog takes nothing, just a CMS like WordPress or Blogspot, a domain name and a small hosting. All this would take just above 2000INR (~$40) off your pocket. Pain is when you post blogs but nobody comes to read. Comments become rarity like water in desert, and the term backlink never turns plural (backlinks). So what could be … Continue reading

Facebook adds Interests list: How to create and use them

In news feed of a Facebook profile, all updates from friends and pages show up. Some posts are good while some are purely trash. Facebook’s latest feature called Interests Lists allows you to see all updates from important pages and friends right at one place. By creating a separate list, you can see updates from selected pages and friends only, … Continue reading

How to rename a Google Plus profile

An another reason for which you should love Google Plus is for the amount of customization it provides. In Google Plus, you can rename profile name and add description much easily. Its important when you might want to use your Google profile for business use, hence you might need to name it as ‘Cyberpassion’ rather than ‘Ravi Sharma’. Here we’ll … Continue reading

Recipe to make a viral Facebook post

In the past, I’ve posted many videos and blog-links on my Facebook page. Some got good response while some derailed badly. I analysed 50 posts and found some factors that influences the virality of a Facebook post. Here are they, For a Facebook post to go viral, it should be of common interest of most people. A post on hot … Continue reading

Check why Facebook video calling could be problematic?

Facebook video call allows you to see live pictures of your friends and talk with them in real time. Its like face-to-face interaction. But slow internet connectivity can ruin this experience. Apart from this, several other factors could lead to problems with video calling on Facebook. Check these points to identify the reason why video calling is problematic at your … Continue reading

How to add smaller image as cover image for timeline profile

Most Facebook profiles have been shifted to timeline. Timeline allows adding of cover image to customize its appearance. An image needs to be at least 720px wide. If you try to upload smaller images then uploading will be unsuccessful and you’ll get an error. If the image you’re supposed to use is too small then it can’t be added as … Continue reading

How to highlight a post in timeline

Facebook timeline allows a number of customization, one such is highlighting an important story/post. As in timeline, only selected posts show up. And you might want to highlight some of the important ones to show them distinctly to viewers. To highlight a post in Facebook, do the following, 1. Locate the post that you want to highlight in your timeline. … Continue reading