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6 reasons why Samsung is biggest smartphone seller, above Apple and Nokia

I don’t know why but I’m still a big fan of Nokia smartphones. They were with me during my school and college days, and even now I’ve got one Nokia N95 with me. Probably it has something to do with the fact that Indians inherently love the Nokia brand, no matter what they serve and at what price. But I … Continue reading

Cut a video using VLC Media Player (free of cost method)

VLC media player is a plethora of options. It runs almost all video and audio formats, allows enhancing of video and audio quality. It provide you the option to take snapshots of a running video, and has lots of other useful options. One such great feature is the ease with which it allows you to cut a video and audio … Continue reading

2 ways to take snapshot of a video in VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is one great software to play audio and video files of all formats. The same software can be used for taking snapshots of a running video. Here are two ways of doing so using VLC Media Player, Method 1 Open a video file and goto Video > Snapshot. To take snapshot hit the ‘snapshot’ button and picture … Continue reading

How to transfer money using SBI netbanking

Money can be transferred to a beneficiary using SBI netbanking once it’s added and approved by the bank. Adding beneficiary is a one-time process wherein we register the payee with the netbanking account of a payer. Here is stepwise guide to add a SBI beneficiary. Once a beneficiary is added and approved, money can be transferred using netbanking after 24 … Continue reading

How to delete a beneficiary in SBI netbanking

In SBI netbanking, we need to add payee as beneficiary for making the payment. But if you want to delete an added beneficiary, here are the steps, 1. Login to your SBI netbanking account. Click ‘profile’ tab at the top. 2. Next click ‘Manage Beneficiary’ and enter profile password. 3. Click ‘Third Party’ link if the beneficiary holds account with … Continue reading

How to add beneficiary in SBI netbanking

Transferring money using SBI Internet Banking is a 3-step process. First is to add a beneficiary ie the payee to which money is to be transferred, second step is to activate it and third is to send money after activation. In today’s post, we’ll cover the first two parts ie adding and activating beneficiary in SBI netbanking account and activate … Continue reading

Netbanking in India: Important Safety tips for every user

If you have netbanking activated, its important to use it with utmost care. The service is blessing but might turn into a curse with slightest of mistake. As stats reveal, as many as 1055 netbanking accounts were compromised in India in 2011. Out of which, money was debited from 807 accounts. So, it becomes much more important for every existing … Continue reading

Google brings free SMS service to India

Google launched its free SMS service in India. Its been working in the US, England, France, Austalia, Japan and other countries for the past several months. In India its launched in March 2012. Presently it supports a few mobile operators which includes, Aircel, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata indicom Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and BSNL are scheduled to support … Continue reading

How to buy Gmail SMS credit

So, you’ve started using Gmail’s SMS service and exhausted the given free credit limit of 50. Buying credits is easy. You don’t need to pay Google for it rather you have to pay your mobile operator. Google started this service in collaboration with mobile operators of different countries. Both share the revenue between them. And process of gaining credits is … Continue reading

Send free SMS from Gmail in India

Google combined its messaging system with Gmail. Now we can send free SMS from Gmail to any mobile phone in India. Also, you can reply to chat messages through SMS. The service is already working in the US and many other western countries. Its just started in India, but supports only selected mobile operators [Aircel, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata … Continue reading

Forward emails from one gmail account to another

We often keep more than one Gmail accounts. One for personal use, other one for professional use and other accounts for many other uses. Sometimes there is need to see all or selected incoming emails of one account in another account. This is possible in Gmail which provides an option of forwarding emails from one Gmail account to another. Here … Continue reading

List of Top 5 Samsung tablets in India (available)

Samsung mobiles are known to offer the best designs. They are good looking, uses best technology and are considered as a real value for money. If you are thinking why you should spend your hard earned money to buy Samsung Tablet, just read the blog till the bottom and to find your answer. Following is the list of the best … Continue reading