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How to Connect Remote MySQL Database using PHP

For connecting to MySQL database hosted on the same server, we generally use ‘localhost’ as hostname. Apart from this, we need the username, password and name of the database we need to connect to. Remote MySQL database means we have our database located at some distant location, not on the same place(host) where our website/app is. For connecting to such … Continue reading

Top 10 Weak Passwords to Avoid for Email Accounts

Be it your Gmail, Facebook or bank account, passwords are important in all. They are the keys to unlock those private things that we don’t want rest of the world to see. Despite being so important to us, we seldom give a heed on keeping a strong password to prevent it from attacking. Everyday as many as 10,000 accounts are compromised, … Continue reading

How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Train Tickets Successfully on IRCTC?

If you were asked 3 toughest tasks to do then getting a confirmed tatkal ticket would surely be the first one. This is something that Rajnikanth wouldn’t bet on doing during Diwalis when the traffic in trains is over the roof. Is booking a confirmed tatkal ticket on irctc really that tough? I’ve spent over a decade booking train tickets … Continue reading

How to Create Facebook ads to increase Facebook Page Likes?

Facebook ads is a great way of increasing likes of a Facebook page at a staggering pace. All you have to do is to create an ad, select target area and target audience and a payment mode to get started. Run your ad as many days as you want and see how likes increase by many folds within no time. Here … Continue reading

Why Submit Sitemaps and How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmasters?

Sitemaps are collection of links contained in a website. It includes all pages, images, videos and files. Why Sitemaps are important for websites? By submitting sitemaps, website owners request Google to index all the included links so that it starts appearing in search results faster. It’s not always necessary to submit sitemaps. But there are cases where pages are skipped … Continue reading

PHP Code Generating Free XML Sitemap for WordPress Site (without plugin)

Sitemap is a collection(or a map) of all links present in a website. For a WordPress site, its a collection of published posts, pages and images contained in them. PHP Code to Create Sitemap for WordPress for free There is no service that provides free sitemap creation except for xml-sitemap which is limited to 500 urls. Using PHP, we can create a free … Continue reading

एक मशहूर ठग (Dalla Cheats People)

Story of a girl called Dalla who used to cheat people using clever tricks. Its a lesson for people who believe unknowns and lose money. Complete Story in Hindi एक औरत थी डल्ला। वह बहुत बड़ी ठग थी। अपनी चालाकी से लोगों को ठगना उसके लिए बाएं हाथ का खेल था। वह चुटकियों में लोगों को बेवकूफ बना देती थी। … Continue reading

कंजूस-मक्खीचूस (Miser Shamshad realizes his Mistake)

Story of miser Shamshad who realizes the true meaning of living a healthy life which is by working hard, generating income and spending whenever required. Moral of the Story: True meaning of living a healthy life. Full Story in Hindi एक नगर में शमशाद नाम का एक व्यापारी रहता था। उसका कारोबार दूर-दूर तक फैला था। वह बहुत अमीर था। … Continue reading

तीसमार खां (Tees Maar Khan)

Popular folk tale of a guy called Funtoosh who becomes famous because of his boasting. The story tell us how sometimes people believe what they hear rather than seeing and realizing the fact by themselves. Complete Story in Hindi फन्टूश एक शैतान और नटखट लड़का था। उसका पढ़ाई में बिलकुल मन नहीं लगता था। घर बाले उसे समझाते थे कि … Continue reading

मुसीबत से छुटकारा (Maryashka and Ianyanov)

एक गांव में दो दोस्त रहते थे। एक का नाम था मार्युश्का और दूसरे का इल्यानोव। दोनों एक दूसरे पर जान छिड़कते थे। जब वे बड़े हुए तो इल्यानोव बड़ा व्यापारी बनकर बहुत अमीर हो गयां वह शहर चला गया जबकि मार्युश्का गांव में रहकर खेती करने लगा। वह इतना गरीब था कि मुश्किल से दो वक्त को रोटी जुटा … Continue reading

ढोलक का राज (Barber gets punished)

A barber goes to cut hair of his King and sees his donkey-sized ears. Despite being asked to remain tight-lipped and not tell anyone about this he does and ends up getting punishment. Moral of the Story: Excessive talking can be dangerous Full Story in Hindi एक गांव में एक नाई रहता था। उसका काम था लोगों की हजामत बनाना। उसकी … Continue reading

कौन बड़ मूर्ख (Ivan searches biggest fool in the World)

In this Russian flok tale, Ivan searches for biggest fool in the word and end up finding too many. Complete Story in Hindi एक बूढ़ी और के दो बेटे थे। उनका नाम इवान और तात्या था। वह दोनों को बहुत प्यार करती थी। एक बार एक दुर्घटना में बुढि़या का बेटा तात्या मारा गया। तात्या की मौत से बुढि़या बहुत … Continue reading