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Watch IPL live online on Indiatimes

IPL is all set to start from April 4th. It would be live on SET MAX on TV while it’ll be available live streaming on YouTube at Indiatimes Ipl channel.. Also, they’ll be available on Indiatimes own website for ipl, Apart from this, all match highlights, interview and post match information can be see on the IPL’s own YouTube channel.

Simple dropdown menu tutorial for budding web developers

Drop-down menu is one of the first thing that a budding web developer tries to make. This is a simple thing yet some find it difficult to understand. I felt the same when first started. So today we’ll create a drop-down menu using CSS. We used some images to help you better understand the entire thing. Our finished menu would look like … Continue reading

Difference between Facebook page and Facebook group

Facebook pages and groups allow you to connect with people and organisations sharing common interest with you. Though, both appear almost the same, works almost the same but there are lots of difference between the two. Here, we unveil you the exact use of both and also mention the big points of difference between Facebook page and Facebook group. What are they? Facebook page and groups can be created by anyone. But Facebook pages are … Continue reading

Facebook shortcuts for easy navigation across Facebook pages

Facebook does provides some cool shortcuts for users to navigate across different pages. You can easily see your notifications, write messages, go to accounts and privacy settings, and do more stuff directly by using the inbuilt shortcuts provided by Facebook. These Facebook shortcuts works differently for different browsers, so mark you browser and see how to use them. If you’re working on Windows, here are … Continue reading

SBI netbanking: Activation, adding beneficiary and carrying out transaction

Internet banking is often shortly referred as netbanking. State Bank of India(SBI) is among the very first banks to start the service yet most users are still devoid of the service. Today we’ve a comprehensive guide wherein we tell you everything right from activating SBI netbanking to using it for transaction and bill payments. And, finally a shot on tips … Continue reading

Recharge Tatasky through net banking (online recharge)

With netbanking you can easily recharge mobiles and DTH services. Today we tell how you can easily recharge Tatasky through netbanking. 1. First login to TataSky portal with your subscriber id/phone number and password. If you don’t have an account yet, first register an account and then login. 2. On successful login, go to Account Recharge > Credit Card/Debit Card/netBanking. 3. Enter the amount … Continue reading

Indian Railways goes eco friendly

When the world is going eco-friendly, Indian Railways started an amazing service to reduce the consumption of paper. From now onwards, you dont need to carry printed copy of your railway e-ticket booked through irctc. All you need is a snapshot of the ticket in your smartphone or laptop while travelling. This snapshot can be shown to the ticket checker … Continue reading

How to recharge airtel mobile online (using netbanking)

Online recharging of mobile allows you to continue talks when shops are down, especially during nights. To recharge your Airtel mobile, you can opt for any of the 2 options,

How to go offline/invisible in Facebook

Facebook allows you to go offline from all friends or from selected ones. You just need to set the right settings for it. Offline from all friends. Offline to selected Facebook friends. Show online to some while offline to others. Go offline from all friends Click the chat button to expand it. Click the screw button. Click ‘Go Offline’ to … Continue reading

How to unblock a blocked Facebook friend

If mistakenly you’d blocked a friend on Facebook and now want to add him again then follow our tutorial. Here are the steps to unblock a friend you previously blocked, Login to Facebook and go to your ‘Privacy Settings’. Click ‘Manage Blocking’ at the bottom of the page against Blocked People and Apps. You’ll now see a list of friends … Continue reading

New LICMobile android app for LIC users

Life Insurance Corporation of India(LIC) has launched its Android app called ‘LICMobile’ to facilitate users with the correct information on new and existing LIC plans. Not only users, the new app would help on-field LIC agents to get information on latest LIC plans while dealing with users. The LICMobile app could be downloaded from Its categorized under ‘Finance’ sector … Continue reading

5 Best Samsung smartphone to buy in India

Last week my sister lost her Samsung DUOS smartphone in Delhi Metro. To get a new mobile, she dragged me to a Nokia store. We checked multiple mobiles but unfortunately couldn’t decide the right one to purchase. As we move out of the Nokia store, we entered a nearby Samsung showroom. Those Samsung smartphones were well within our range and … Continue reading