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How to add subtitles to video (movie/TV Shows)

To understand a non-English movies its important to add subtitles before watching it. Even for an English movie it sometimes get a bit difficult to understand the accent. Subtitles are of great help in such cases. Adding subtitles to a movies, TV Shows or any other video can be easily done. All you need is to first go and download … Continue reading

How to add logo in video using VLC Media player (at the top)

While making a youtube video you might want to add your own logo at the top just like you see on TV. This can be easily done using VLC media player. All you need is a logo that you want to put in. Here is how to do this, 1. Run VLC Media Player and go to Tools > Effects … Continue reading

How to cancel e-ticket booked online through irctc

Indian Railways sister website, not only allows online reservation but also provides easy interface to cancel the booked e-tickets. Here are the steps for cancelling a booked e-ticket, 1. First login to irctc and go to My Transactions > Cancel e-ticket/refund. 2. Enter the password when asked and click ‘Go’. 3. You’ll see list of all booked e-tickets. Select … Continue reading

How to do online railway reservation through

Indian Railways website for online reservation, allow users to book railway ticket  directly from home without lining in long queues. In the tutorial, we see how to do online railway reservation through [Before we start, make sure you’ve already registered with irctc and have a username and password.] Stepwise guide to book Railway ticket online 1. First login to … Continue reading

Ideas to design cover image for your Facebook timeline profile

Facebook timeline also allows you to add a cover image to better present yourself to netizens. If you’re in a fix and can’t decide a perfect cover image for yourself then continue reading as we’ll gonna tell you some cool ideas for designing a cover for timeline profile. Idea 1: Write on cool tagline, proverb or saying Nothing could get … Continue reading

3 ways to speed-up laptop by 50percent (that works!)

Speeding up a laptop is one thing that everyone looks for. Basically, speed depends on laptop processor and the size of RAM installed. Processor is the engine and RAM works as a support to it. For speedy performance, you obviously should have faster processor and bigger sized RAM. But there are some fine ways that can help you in achieving … Continue reading

Download all your data from Google services to your computer

Google launched a service called Google Takeout that allows you to download and save all your data from Google servers to your computer system. This helps you in accessing your data when you’re offline or to use it when you don’t have an internet connection. You can download data from any or all Google services like Picasa, Google Plus. Additionally … Continue reading

Receive notification when someone access your Facebook account

As a security measure, Facebook provides you with a service wherein you can set notification when someone else access your Facebook account. Facebook detects when an account is accessed from a geographically different location, or from a device new for the account. You can set to receive either a text message on mobile or an email notification. Here is how … Continue reading

Transfer images from Orkut to Google Plus

Orkut is the first social networking site by Google. It has been a revelation when first arrived but lost its market with the advent of Facebook and Google Plus. So if you’ve got some images stacked in orkut and want to transfer it to Google Plus, follow these simple steps, Login to Orkut and goto photos. 1. Click ‘copy albums to Google+’ 2. … Continue reading

Guidelines to choose cover image for timeline profile of Facebook page

Facebook timeline for page allows a brand to cut it’s life into pieces and mark them on Facebook for its audience to see. It also allows adding of cover image to reflect it’s identity. Adding cover image requires careful consideration as a brand might land up in problems if it fails to abide by Facebook terms and conditions. Here are … Continue reading

How to rip audio from video using VLC

VLC media player doesn’t provides feature to extract audio from video files but we can do this using a clever trick. This trick is a combination of 2 YouTube features. A video file includes audio and video part. Here we first disable the video and run only the audio. Next, we cut the file(without video) and save the output. Thus … Continue reading

IPLt20 iPhone app launched, android app coming soon

IPL t20’s craze is beyond boundaries. Recently, IPLt20 app was launched for iPhone users while its android app is scheduled to come by 30th March. The app would give you latest updates on all the ongoing as well as completed matches. Besides you’ll get information on off-field happenings, and interviews of players and officials. With the app, you can also … Continue reading