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Monitor your wireless network with Wireless Network Watcher

In present scenario mobiles and wireless networks are common. Most of you might be using wireless networks like your college/office wi-fi or broadband internet USB dongels for internet connectivity. Today I’ll tell you about a small tool that you can use to easily monitor your local wireless network. Nirsoft Wireless Network Watcher is a small software (225.83KB only) that scans … Continue reading

Firefox 13 arrives with a new home page and faster performance

If you are a Firefox lover and want to experience some new improvements then you can enjoy Firefox 13 now as Mozilla has updated Firefox to version 13 in their servers. The new Firefox 13 comes with a new home page, a new tab page and some performance tweaks. The most noticeable change is the all new home page. You … Continue reading

Get Avira Internet Security 2012 Full License For 90 Days (Giveaway)

We all always wish for a powerful security in our computer systems without compromising performance. I am sure you must have tried a lot of internet security suites for satisfactory results but all lag in one or other feature. If you- Regularly look up information on the web Access your bank accounts or investments online Shop in online stores or … Continue reading

How to enable “Flip Ahead” in Internet Explorer 10

We have already informed you about the availability of Windows 8 Release Preview build 8400 which is almost final version of Windows 8. Microsoft added and tweaked a lot of features in its next generation touch enabled OS. One of the most noticeable feature of Windows 8 Release Preview is its IE’s “Flip Ahead”. With “Flip Ahead” feature of Internet Explorer 10 … Continue reading

Get search results from all google services at one place

Google quitely slipped-in its new search service called ‘What do you love’ or simply ‘WDYL’. Wdyl is a search engine just like Google, but here the search results are collected not from different websites across the web but only from the Google services. For a searched query, there would only be individual results from Google Maps, Images, Groups, YouTube, Google … Continue reading

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Free Giveaway For 90 days

We all know about Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, its one of the best internet security suite available in the market. You can go through our review on Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. Today we present you the giveaway offer of KIS 2012 for 90 days. Just follow the following steps and enjoy ultimate security for free. Steps: Download the installer from … Continue reading

How To Convert FAT32 TO NTFS File System Without Formatting/Loosing Data

Often we need to convert file system of our hard disk/external storage devices like pen drives etc. for better compatibility with our OS or softwares. But the herculean problem that arises during conversion of file system in our storage devices is saving the data and converting the file system without formatting the device/drive. Today I’ll tell you how to convert … Continue reading

Alternate to GTalk, here is Chrome extension for chating on Gmail and Google Plus

We had been using GTalk for ages now. Its a software that allows us to chat to Google friends without going into Gmail/Google Plus. But here is a lightweight alternative to GTalk, its a Chrome extension by Google called as Chat for Google. What’s new in the ‘Chat for Google’ extension? Nothing much but I feel its better and lightweight … Continue reading

Create your custom Chrome theme with ‘My Chrome Theme’

Wondering how to create a theme for your Chrome browser? Still considering this a programmer or a designer’s job? If yes, spare a thought again! In fact, you can make your own chrome theme in just a few minutes using an extension for Chrome browser called My Chrome Theme. Its an extension by Google that allow users to built themes with custom … Continue reading

Make 2 free calls from India to any phone in the world

I stumbled across one great service that allows user to make free calls from India to anywhere in the world. VoIP service called EvaPhone allows cross-country as well as local and STD calls at ridiculously cheap rates. Since Skype is there, you might not heard of the service but its very affordable for making ISD calls. Using the service, one can … Continue reading

Add a new color theme to your Facebook profile

Yesterday I found a cool Chrome extension that allows Chrome users to customize the color-combination of their Facebook profile. Facebook, which is all blue and white can easily be turned red, black, orange, lime or any other within a matter of seconds. The cool extension is called as Facebook color changer provides GUI to alter colors of any Facebook page … Continue reading

Create desktop shortcut to compose mail in Gmail

How you send an email? First you logon to Gmail, then hit ‘Compose’ mail option to write and send the email. This is easy but a multi-step process. How about doing all this in one step? Wouldn’t you like if we can reach the ‘Compose’ mail option directly using a desktop shortcut. Its possible to do this using 2 methods: One … Continue reading