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Easily submit form using serialize jQuery function and Ajax

Thanks to Ajax, now we can submit forms without page refresh. And by using Ajax with jQuery we can make any code a lot simpler and easier to manage. Form submission can also be made easier by using Ajax and jQuery in conjunction. Problems with Conventional method When we submit a form using Ajax, we have to construct a long … Continue reading

How to add multiple borders to a div (or any HTML element)

Adding border to a HTML element is no rocket science. It can easily be done as, But how to add multiple borders to a div or any other element? CSS ‘border’ property can’t be used more than once. And if used, the newer border values will override the older ones. But there is a way of doing this, and that’s by … Continue reading

Create multiple color shadows for HTML elements using CSS3

CSS3 allows adding of shadow(s) to HTML elements. This feature greatly enhances the appearance of an element. The Basic Syntax box-shadow: Xpx Ypx Bpx Lpx #abc; Here: Xpx = horizontal offset on x-axis Ypx = vertical offset on y-axis Bpx = shadow strength/blur effect Lpx = shadow length #abc = shdow color When applied over an HTML element (<p>, <div> … Continue reading

Build a Google Chrome extension: Tutorial for beginners with free code to download

Chrome extensions are third party programs that are installed to Google Chrome browser to provide additional services. They are like add-ons of Mozilla Firefox, merely a change of name. Some of the common Chrome extension are, Avast WebRep extension shows the reputation of websites. Alexa extension for Chrome provides the ranking of every website visited by a user. Google has … Continue reading

5 Best Fonts for Resume Writing

Employers skim through a resume in 10-20 seconds to decide if a candidate is good enough to call for an interview. For a candidate, resume is a reflection of his credentials. A resume should be concise with easy to read information. And choosing right font is the key for this. The two best font for writing resume are: ‘Serif’ and ‘Sans … Continue reading

Now restore deleted Facebook page within 14 days by cancelling deletion request

The social networking giant Facebook has added a 14 days restoration period for deleted Facebook pages. This is to prevent accidental deletion of pages by the admins. And also to give them a second chance to reconsider the decision if they impulsively decide to delete the page. This latest change would also prevent deletion of a page by notorious admins … Continue reading

Python Basics: How to install Python on Windows

Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming. There are two versions of Python available for download: Python 2.6 (alsocalled 2.x series) and Python 3 (also known as Python 3000). Python 3 is not fully compatible with the 2.x series. For that reason, at … Continue reading

How to get title, meta-description and meta-keywords of a webpage from url

When you post a link as Facebook update, the title and meta-description of the webpage is automatically retrieved and displayed. Here is an example, The same thing happens in Digg when you submit a weblink. So if you’re building a web application where you need to retrieve title, meta-description, meta-keywords or any other meta information of a webpage then read the following code carefully and … Continue reading

Windows 8 Release Preview Guide Available For Download

We have already informed our readers about the final trial of next generation Windows OS i.e; Windows 8 Release Preview which was released on 1st June 2012 for all users to download. And now we bring you the Windows 8 Release Preview Guide just released by Microsoft for Windows 8 current and potential users. Those users who were unable to download … Continue reading

Tutorial to make a simple jQuery image slideshow [Download Code]

Today we’ll discuss a simple jQuery slideshow in which images slide sideways to give a cool animation. This is probably the most used technique often seen in websites and web applications. Before we start the tutorial, first make a folder called ‘Tutorial-2’, and a folder inside it called ‘img’. Place 9 images of 1024 x 600px in the ‘img’ folder. … Continue reading

Tutorial to make a unique image slideshow in jQuery [Download Code]

You must have seen a number of good jQuery slideshows, but the one we’re showing today is really unique. The first good thing about this slideshow is that it’s build on a simple idea yet you’ll find it new to your eyes. And the second thing is the code which is so small that you can understand in bits with … Continue reading

Load more posts without page reload using Ajax and jQuery [Like Twitter and Facebook]

In Twitter, you must have seen a ‘More Tweets’ tab at the bottom to load older tweets. The same thing is present in Facebook to load older posts. In most Web 2.0 sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, the entire system is such that the posts/tweets/updates are loaded with no page refresh. This is a great feature that greatly enhances the … Continue reading