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Rainmeter: Ultimate personalized desktop customization

Are you bored from your desktop looks? Want to have all system information in great looking gadgets without heavy resource usage? Want to have great features and looks for your desktop without changing your OS? Then Rainmeter is the ultimate desktop customization tool for you. Rainmeter can do anything for you from desktop customizations to utilities for useful information like … Continue reading

Foxit Reader: A lightweight and faster award winning alternative to Adobe Reader

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the name associated with Adobe for long time.I am quite sure that most of you are using Adobe Reader but its time to look forward for a faster and better quality lightweight award winning alternative i.e; FOXIT READER. When it comes to opening PDF files, Adobe Reader is the first name that comes to the … Continue reading

Recuva: Recover your accidently deleted files

Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And it’s 100% free! At some point or another all of us have deleted something we shouldn’t have deleted. Usually the solution is to simply restore the file from the … Continue reading

How to increase and optimize laptop’s battery life

We all desire for a good laptop battery life in daily use and also its own longevity. Here I present you with several tips and tricks to optimize battery life without damaging your laptops. First to get a power efficiency report: Click Start, type CMD, right click cmd.exe and click Run as Administrator. On the command line, type powercfg -energy to view a power efficiency report. this … Continue reading

Toolwiz Care: Get faster and healthy PC with best free system maintenance utility

People often look for products that can maintain their system like ‘new’ and end up wasting a lot of money for different paid products.This week I will tell you about some utilities which can maintain and tweak your system better than most of the paid softwares. Today we will look forward to the latest buzz in this category named as … Continue reading

Get the best multimedia player that’s better than VLC

Looking for good media players? Looking for best media player? Are you still using VLC ? Need to get something new? Want something professional? Or something more efficient and powerful? Then definitely you should try Daum Pot Player. It is an intuitive and a powerful Multimedia player published by Daum written by the same author as The KMPlayer. Best replacement for … Continue reading

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All in one free multimedia Converter,Ripper and Burner kit : Free Studio

Ever imagined to have all multimedia audio-video conversion software under one suite? Free Studio is an all-in-one package bundling all free multimedia applications developed by DVDVideoSoft. Free Studio Manager has 8 sections for easy access to any application: YouTube programs; MP3 and Audio; CD, DVD and BD; DVD and Video; Photo and Images; Mobiles; Apple Devices; and 3D programs. Free … Continue reading

Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Laptop Servicing

Is your laptop slowing down? Does it heat up?  It is about time that you serviced your laptops. All these are indicators for need for service, but these can be prevented by going in for laptop service at regular time intervals. What Causes the Need for Laptop service/repair? You may think you have handled your laptop with so much care, but … Continue reading

Earn money watching YouTube videos

Every little money counts. There are several of us who are dissatisfied with the kind of money we make and want to use our spare time to make more money, but don’t know how to make. If you too are in the crowd, then you’ve landed on the right page. Read on to find how easy can be earning money, sometimes. … Continue reading

How to Bid for Facebook Ads: Internet Marketing Strategy

Now that Facebook is the most famous sensation on the internet, advertisers are trying their utter best to post ads on Facebook. The problem is, due to the immense popularity of Facebook getting an ad posted on it is expensive and not easy. Strategies Applied by Facebook Facebook may have started as a platform to help people socialize; it is … Continue reading

10 Potentially Dangerous Files May Contain Virus

Nowadays, not only computers but the internet has also become a daily life stuff. This gives every user ample opportunities to download more than enough files to satisfy all his needs. But along with this boon there also exists a bane. Your computer or website can also get affected by potentially dangerous files containing spyware or virus. This may lead … Continue reading

WordPress Vs. Blogger

WordPress and Blogger are the two main contenders for free blog hosting. Bloggers often ask what they should choose as a blog service for them, wordpress or blogger.  Here are difference between these two blog hosts in terms of features and suitability which will guide you in choosing perfect blog service for you. Comparing features of wordpress or blogger?  Blogger … Continue reading