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All you want to know about Windows 8 final build: New features, Performance, and Customizations-Part1

It’s only three years since Windows 7 hit the scene and now we have the all new Windows 8  final build to sparkle in our Windows 7 enabled systems. A lot of things have changed since Windows 7 launch. Back in 2009, there was no such thing as an i Pad. Today Apple and Android devices are all around, not … Continue reading

How to remove annotations from YouTube videos

Once YouTube was all useful and charming. Its still is, but ads and annotations has made it a bit irritating. Everytime you see a video, you have to watch a 5-10 seconds video in the beginning or an ad popping up from the bottom. Moreover, too many annotations make rest of the video unbearable to watch. Annotation example Just like … Continue reading

Extract audio from video for free using VLC media player

VLC is such a great piece of software that every now and then we find something interesting. Some days back, we posted some good blogs on VLC and one was to extract audio from video. But the discussed method was a bit lengthy and inapplicable at times. So here is one absolutely simple method to do the same. Rip audio vocals … Continue reading

6 Tips to make your Google Chrome fast again

Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the world. Its very responsive and hardly crashes. But even the best browser can sometimes become slow and problematic when load increases. So if your chrome has gone older in terms of performance, here are tips to bring back its golden days again. 1. Delete all browsing history: Visited urls, cache and cookie information are accumulated in … Continue reading

How to wake PC from sleep automatically

Sleep function in PC allows a computer to save its state and go in less power consumption mode. On returning from sleep, the opened files and folders continue to execute in the same manner. Normally, we have to press power button to return back a computer from sleep mode. But this can be done automatically. Lets see how, 1. Open ‘Task Scheduler’ in your … Continue reading

5 WinX softwares with full license for free (Giveaway)

WinX is offering a summer gift pack with all following softwares for free of cost and full genuine license- 1. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe3.10.2 The video converter uses a moderate amount of system resources, contains a comprehensive help file with snapshots and quickly finishes a task without freezing or crashing. We haven’t come across any issues during our tests. The … Continue reading

6 possible changes in Tatkal booking by Indian Railways

You set-off early from house for railway station, stand in long queues with humidity parsing every bit of your body, and ultimately reach counter only when no tickets are available. Lately, it has been found that tatkal seats are finishing soon after the booking starts. Even I tried to book a tatkal ticket online through my 4MBps broadband. Started with … Continue reading

6 custom dashboard for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one great piece of service giving complete insight of website traffic and from where it comes. Google added a number of features to GA recently. These include real time traffic stats, viewing of incoming links, detailed traffic sources, alert widgets etc. One such addition is the custom dashboards for Google analytics. Users can add any of the … Continue reading

Get 5 Ashampoo Products Worth $110 Absolutely Free (Giveaway)

Ashampoo is a trusted brand in the software world. All Ashampoo products are great for your system and its feature maintenance. Today we bring you the ultimate giveaway of five Ashampoo softwares worth $110 absolutely free, so don’t miss this opportunity. Hurry up and get genuine license key of following softwares absolutely free of cost: Ashampoo Registry Cleaner ($14.99) Ashampoo … Continue reading

10 Famous college drop out billionaires in India

Sometimes you don’t need college degrees but strong ambition, will power, and hard work to succeed. This fact has been proved by the following people who in spite of being college drop outs grew to become famous billionaires not only in India but in the entire world. 1. Mukesh Ambani Born on 19 April 1957, Mukesh Ambani is the chairman and … Continue reading

Get Metro-Style Start Menu Replacement For Windows 7, Vista & XP With mStartEx

Windows 8 release preview is a lot more than its previous versions in terms of features, stability and performance. But if you are not interested to install the release preview version and want to use the metro-style user interface and tiles in older versions of windows then you should read ahead for a great tiny software called mStartEx. mStartEx changes … Continue reading

Find fastest DNS server using Namebench for fast internet browsing

Domain Name System is the mapping of website name with its IP address. Computers, smartphones, servers, and everything connected to internet are identified by a unique id that we call as IP or Internet Protocol address. But remembering IP like is difficult, so we have websites name like, etc in place of the long numerical string of … Continue reading