9 tips to make Facebook app design user friendly

Creating Facebook apps is one of the most preferred options for app developers. Though, more apps are coming out everyday but most developers underestimate the importance of ‘user friendliness’ in the apps.

Facebook app design should be such that users should easily use and navigate across the app pages. I’ve seen apps with great designs but lacking interface for users.

Here are some tips on making a Facebook app user friendly,

  1. Lightweight yet attractive design – Facebook app design must be catchy with smooth colours. Colours should look good and design should be soothing to eyes. Some good colours could be whitesmoke, grey, dark-blue and so on. Be precise in choosing background colour as well. Avoid hard colours like red or black until your app is of that sort.
  2. Nothing too fancy in header portion – Most apps have ads or other unwanted suff in the header section. This is good from income point of view but not good when it comes to pleasing your app users.
  3. Faster loading and speedy performance – Just like a normal website your app must be fast in performance. It should have minimum JS/CSS files and app files should be compressed. Also do Ajax calls rather than making HTTP POST/GET request using bulky JavaScript SDK. An app should load within 10 seconds otherwise Facebook will give Curlexception rendering Facebook app unusable to everyone.
  4. Bug free – That’s an obvious one. Regularly check if your app is working fine or not. Also put a link in your app for user to report problems.
  5. Privacy Policy page for users – This is a must criterion for each and every Facebook app. It allows the user to know what information does the app captures and how it’s being used.
  6. Conventional way of aligning divs – This is done while coding Facebook app. Put app content on left and everything else on right side. Don’t flex too much with the interface that people usually come across in most websites. If you do then some users might face problems while using the app.
  7. A user friendly app should have easy navigation if tabs/menus are present. If your app is having menus and sub-menus, make sure they are positioned and aligned correctly at the top.
  8. Suitable good fonts – Use attractive fonts. Rather than loading any fancy fonts, its better to use fonts like Tahoma, Verdana that are available on every computer. They are attractive too.
  9. Browser compatibility – Make sure the app runs correctly on every browser. Do compatibility checks before putting it live on Facebook. Be precise in using CSS3 and HTML5 syntax as older browsers don’t support them.

In a nutshell, an app should be lightweight; interface should be easy to work; error-free and works same across different browsers. There should be a fine balance between design and performance.

Author: CyberPassion Team

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