5 Video Blogging Software to Create Video Posts

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Video Blogging or vlogging as it is commonly referred to as today, is increasingly becoming a great way to keep an online log of your thoughts and ideas, and to communicate them with the world. Video posts provide a great, unique way to connect with your readership. Good video blogging software can help you do this with ease and efficiency. When looking for video capture and editing software you are served up with several options. We provide you a list of such top 5 video blogging software to create video posts for YouTube and Metacafe.

  1. Camtasia

    camtasia-the-best-software-for-video-blogging-to create video posts

    This is probably the most extensive and feature rich software for creating video posts. It’s a great tool if your video blogs frequently need to discuss issues related to the internet or software. It has extensive video editing options and can save to virtually any recognized video file format. A great inclusion in this product is the ability to record on-screen activity and capture video through a webcam and to present it simultaneously. Though the effectiveness of this feature in terms of synchronizing the two can be debatable over different hardware configurations, it is surely a novel and useful way of video blogging. Good things come at a price and so does this video editing software; it costs almost $300.

  2. Sony Vegas Pro

    vegas-pro-by sony-to-make-video-for-blogging

    The only reason this video blogging software stands second on the list is because its features do not justify its exorbitant price. However that does not change the fact that it is the best software available for taking headshots through webcams. Priced high at $599 this comes with the reliability and trust of a known brand like Sony.

  3. AVS4YOU


    This is a great example of cost effective video editing software. It packs too much of a punch for its price. At under $60 for an unlimited subscription it offers a horde of features and standalone applications. The whole package comes in the form of a suite that packs in a lot more than just video blogging software and can also be downloaded from its website. This comes third only because it has no support or compatibility with Mac platforms.

  4. TipCam

    tipcam-for-video-blogging-and start video blogging

    Want to create a video post for free? Try TipCam, a free video software is one of the most useful free video editing applications available. Though the free version does not pack in many features, the video quality is consistent and good enough for most common purposes. What brings this to this list is its ability to save files in .flv format unlike other free video blogging software.

  5. Jing

    jing-to-make video-for blogging-yourravi

    Jing comes from the manufacturers of Camtasia, and hence is naturally a product loaded with features and qualities. This free software has more features than other video software available without cost. However it limits the recording duration to a painfully less 5 minutes.

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