15 awesome 2013 Holi Pics from Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana

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The festival of joy Holi is celebrated throughout India with full intensity. Colors and liquids are sprayed over everyone in sight. Doesn’t matter if you’re known or unknown, friend or rival, no one is spared when it comes to playing Holi.

image of lord krishna

Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna is known for celebrating Holi in grand style. Its celebrated over 3 days unlike other places where its of 1 day only. It also includes ‘lathmaar’ Holi of Barsana where ladies ferociously hit males with bamboos.

Many of us have just heard of this but this time time, we’re bringing you some pics that’ll beautifully reflect the energy and enthusiasm with which the Holi is celebrated in Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana and nearby areas.

Holika Dahan is on eve of the Holi. It marks the end of ‘Holika’, sister of Hirankashyapu who tricked to kill his brother’s son because of his deep faith in Lord Krishna. As a remembrance, fire is lit and everyone circles around it.

people circling around fire on holika dahan event in barsana

At most places Holi starts with aarti of Lord Krishna

arti of lord krishna in vrindavan

arti of lord krishna on holi day

Holi celebration with colors and liquids

boy celebrating holi with friends in mathura

mass celebration of holi in mathura

boy spraying liquid color during 2013 Holi celebration

2013 holi celebration in masses in mathura

boys playing holi in mathura

boy enjoying holi in mathura

enjoying holi at shree jee baba ashram mathura

friends enjoying holi in mathura

boys enjoying holi togther

Lathmaar Holi of Barsana

lathmaar holi barsana

Foreigners come and play Holi

foreigners enjoying holi in vrindavan

group holi celebration in mathura

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