Signs ‘He’ May be Cheating on You

One of the biggest fears of any woman in a relationship is infidelity. However, unless you overhear him talking to other woman or he babbles her name while being drunk, it can be difficult to tell if your husband is cheating. Well, if you an iota of doubt about his loyalty, look out for these signs of a cheating husband: … Continue reading

7 Vows of Hindu Marriage – Know What ‘Saat Vachans’ Mean

Indian weddings are big affairs and whenever we think of Indian weddings, the first thing that comes to our minds is colorful, vibrant, and extravagant. However, regardless of the scale and the culture in which the wedding is being conducted, one thing that remains common in all Indian weddings is the sacredness of ‘7 vachans’ or 7 vows. In India, … Continue reading

RuPay vs Visa vs Mastercard vs American Express- A Comparison

Since its inception in 2012, RuPay has grown tremendously not just within India but also outside. It has already beat MasterCard and Visa in the local competition, becoming the market leader in India within just a few years. Although its international acceptance is not something that can be bragged about yet, RuPay is still on the right track with a … Continue reading

What is RuPay? Everything You Need to Know About India’s Domestic Payment System!

Carrying a huge amount of cash with you is not only messy but is risky as well. Thankfully, with introduction of payment cards, you don’t need to. The convenience of not carrying your cash around all the time has attracted a lot of new customers to this system. Following the trend, the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) has launched … Continue reading

Top 10 Online Portals to Find a High Paying Job in India

There is no longer a need to scroll through the newspaper every morning in hopes of finding a job vacancy that might suit your skills and experience.  The internet has opened lots of new and convenient doors to find a suitable job. This not only makes the process less daunting but also more efficient, as you can now focus on … Continue reading

Top Indians who Revolutionized the IT Sector in India

India’s IT sector has seen a huge boom in the last couple of years. Many new companies have been coming up thanks to some very talented personalities, who have let go opportunities abroad and decided to stay back and help the Indian IT scene grow. These people are very well known among the IT circle but deserve an applause on … Continue reading

8 Initiatives by Narendra Modi that Could Change the Future of the Nation

India has seen a tremendous development during the past decade. Both the infrastructure and standard of living have gone up noticeably.  Since the current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi came into power, various government schemes came into play. From digitization of the entire government officials working to giveitup program for LPG subsidy, we have seen many government initiatives that have … Continue reading

8 Work-from-home Jobs for Housewives, Students, and Part timers

Until a decade ago, if you wanted to earn money, going out was a necessity. Not anymore! Thanks to the internet, you can now earn money by working from your home premises. You can do pretty much anything from searching information to paying taxes with just a few clicks. Not only does it make your work easier but it also … Continue reading

Complete Company Registration Process in India – Explained

There are quite a number of budding entrepreneurs losing sleep over planning and launching of their own business/company. They’re so busy working towards getting their new company up and running that they often neglect or delay the process of registering the company. Registering a Company is a very important part of starting it. In fact much more important than starting … Continue reading

Change Name in India in 5 Steps – Filing Affidavit, Newspaper Ad & Gazette Notification

Changing one’s given/official name is usually associated with women changing their surname after marriage. However, many times due to reasons like astrological beliefs, people change their names. Name changing in India is always perceived as a cumbersome procedure, which is true to a large extent. Because the following article helps you understand the step by step procedure of changing name in … Continue reading

5 Best Websites for Searching Trains in India

Indian Railways is one the biggest rail networks in the world. Every day, thousands of people search for trains, look for timetable and do online reservation. And for serving them, there are very few reliable websites available. That’s why, in today’s post we’re enlisting 5 of the very best websites for searching trains in India, Being run by Indian Railways, its … Continue reading

Smartphone Operating Systems that Will make it Big in 2015

Though Android and iOS seem to be presently reigning over the smartphone market, there are new operating systems coming up that are sure to make a huge impact in the mobile industry in the near future. And they plan to make it big. Below are some of the latest smartphone operating systems that might make it big this year. Tizen … Continue reading